Betsharp FAQ's

How does BetsHARP work?

By placing your bets through Betsharp, you are able to track in-depth detailed statistics about your betting. For every event, we then analyse those Betsharp users who have placed a bet to pick out the very best tips for you and make them available to you just when you need it. You can then use our in-app currency, Betsharp Credits, to unlock and view these bets, ensuring you have the very best tips that money can buy. If your bet is unlocked, you’ll accrue Tipster Earnings, which can then be used to purchase Betsharp Credits at a massive discount, or even be withdrawn as cash through PayPal!

What if I don’t want others to be able to see my bets?

Then you don’t have to let them. If you aren’t comfortable with potentially being identified as a top punter and receiving money fromother users wanting to see your bets, then you can simply make your account private. This will still allow you access to all the other great features, suchas being able to see the bets of the other top users, and in-depth statistical analysis of your betting.

Are you a bookmaker?

Ladbrokes, not us. All you have to do is sign-up to Ladbrokes within the app or login to your existing account and you’re good to go!

Can I place in-playbets and cash out through the app?

No, not yet. We are working with Ladbrokes on a way to allow you access to in-play and cash-out within the app at this very moment, adding the unique Betsharp analysis and tipster functionality to it, and as soon as it’s available we’ll roll it out in an update!

Do you have anAndroid app?

Not at the moment. We are working to bring you an Android app and website as soon as possible.

Are my tipster earnings real cash?

Yes. All tipster earnings you accrue as Betsharp Credits have a cash value. They can be withdrawn as cash through PayPal and then put straight into your bank account. Or you can use your earnings to get a massive discount on Betsharp Credits, for help on those sports you aren’t so expert in!